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[August 29th 2005|9.35pm]
New images. Pretty much. I just wanted to try something out.
comments are always appreciated. Crediting is love.

a) Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Beautiful Luna. [August 12th 2005|11.24pm]

I have a new entry today. My goodness. I like these the most.Partly, because they're better than all the others I've made. So far. Well, on to the rest of them... Mostly Lindsay Lohan && Daniel Radcliffe. Well, all of them are. Really. Icons, FOBanners, Colorbars & Wallpapers. I've gone mad.

[comments are always welcomed!!] [[crediting will be very very thoughtful]]


HP:Image hosted by Photobucket.com

LLO:Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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Myself. [August 11th 2005|9.44pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

TODAYS POST!!! OVER HERE! LOL! no sex. no drugs. no luck. no love..Collapse )

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[March 19th 2005|7.11pm]
I made a few banners. A couple of them are HP and HP banner bases...Hope you like them. Basics are needed:
*no hotlinking
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new layout. No time. [February 24th 2005|2.25pm]
New layout. Courtesy of rictusempra__
Anyway, um...I can't make icons anymore. My account for my photo creator thing expired. So till I can afford to get a new one. I'll be back. But for now, this will be random posting...that's it.
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Prototypes [January 30th 2005|12.11pm]
I have a bunch of icons and a select few of banners. A bunch-o. It's hard though, trying to make icons with a small photosystem that's nothing compared to Adobe. so yeah. Bare with me...
[[no hotlinking]]

a) b) c)

About 28 Hp icons, 2 Fanart icons, and 2 HP Banners. And more...

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my shadows the only one that walks beside me... [January 22nd 2005|12.05am]
[[no hotlinking]]

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I've had you so many times but somehow I want more [January 17th 2005|2.57pm]
Well, I made so more just under an hour or so. I wanted to make "slytherins only" banners..because 1) that's my house 2) I've been making "gryffindors only" banners nothing else 3) people would probably like some...

So here they are:
[x]no hotlinking
[x]edit to your liking after crediting

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Feeling so faithless.... [January 17th 2005|1.11am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

These days haven't been the best. They don't seem to look like they'll be getting better...and..I'm too lazy to help fix it. I might fail school..because I've been absent soo much and now, I won't bother to make up the missing work. I don't know why.... Anyway, hmm...

I've got a load of icons/bases. YEs. And a few banners...
[x]No hotlinking
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[January 9th 2005|1.26am]
Icons and etc. I tried again to make icons...but it seems my images get whacked up after I save them, they somehow lose color..and contrast. So yet again, I say, bare with them.
All the usual is needed...

=-=no hotlinkin=-=
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Love can be so boring..... [December 30th 2004|6.24pm]
Alright, I made some more..I got bored and well, I decided to make some more. I made a few icons, I'll keep making till I get it right. Idk..but I don't have photoshop, it's some...other kind of photosystem that's used for my mum's digital camera. Anyway, I made HP ICONS and Banners...all that is needed is...

-=-no hotlinking-=-
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Dork on the loose. [December 27th 2004|6.41pm]
Well, here are some more. I'm such a dork. I know I do very bad at them...but I just like messing around and making them. So anyway, I made some HP ship banners and one more HP fan art banner. I have a few icons as well as bases. So just tell me what you think.... once again the usual is just needed, comment, credit, do not hotlink. Well, here you go...

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[December 27th 2004|1.39am]
I attempted again...in making some icons. They aren't as nice. I made yet again, a banner.
The usual is need, comment. credit. do not hotlink. Thanks. Enjoy...
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to this..... [December 25th 2004|11.40pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Some images I made. I'm new and all....
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The best I ever had [November 27th 2004|3.43pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Dear LJ,

UGH! Today sucks for me..wow. Haven't been here in ages! LOL! Anyway, updated this alittle bit. Terribly sorry....anyway. My xanga won't work. The music, I mean. Ugh..oh well.....

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[October 7th 2004|5.55pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Okay..erm..I thought I'd be using this one as much as I thought I would..guess..people don't really like using livejournal...damn it..so then..well, here I am..I love this place..has the best icons ever! And...finely displays it the way you want it to be displayed...woot. okay..erm..yeah

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Love.. [July 29th 2004|8.34pm]
I've fallen in love...with shoes!I love RUPERT GRINT'S SNEAKERS!GOD!I want them sooooooo bad.They're all white 'cept at the front,where the toes go..or whatever..there's a prettiful picture of the UK flag.Dude,it's nice.I wish I could get a pic...lol...I'm so happy.Well,anyway..I want the slytherin tie & Malfoy tee that Hottopic is finely displaying.*cheeky grin* OH and the Sha Sha blue flame black shoes..oh my!Volatile shoes are cute too..they rock!The turquiose chucks are nice..prettiful.LOL!idk.I want new shoes!The birdman shoes I have..aren't nice...lol...anymore.hehe...well,erm..I want them knee high chucks too..god damn!And some ballet shoes..my Andy Macs aren't suiting me well.I need to know though,where the hell did Rupert get his prettiful shoes...PRETTIFUL!LOL!My new words..suck.Well,need to go and wait for Inu Yasha to show..and the other nice anime shoes..and athf...and futurama..well, my shows.I almost typed Shoes..I meant, shows...Adieu.
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[July 18th 2004|12.16am]
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